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Swati Goyal

Director, Video Production Services

Swati Headshot Jan 27 NO BACK_edited.png

Swati is a dynamic professional with a multifaceted background encompassing both teaching and hands-on expertise. Her profound passion for animation and motion graphics illuminates every project she leads. As the guiding force of our media editing team, Swati not only provides direction and inspiration but ensures that each client project transcends expectations, blending precision, creativity, and flair seamlessly.


In her role as the Director at Storyboard Communications, a pioneering company committed to crafting captivating, compelling, and unforgettable video content for businesses worldwide, Swati plays a pivotal role. Distinguished as the first e-commerce platform to deliver broadcast-quality videos within days, our mission is rooted in recognizing the challenge of captivating audiences. To this end, we empower clients with unique narratives that come alive through our creative endeavors.


Swati's dedication to excellence, ingenuity, and innovation remains steadfast, evident in every project she embarks upon. Nurturing authentic client relationships is at the core of our philosophy. Through prioritizing a profound comprehension of each client's ambitions and requirements, we deliver content that propels them towards success.


Additionally, Swati's role as an esteemed instructor at George Brown College reflects her dedication to shaping the next generation of video professionals. Under her guidance, Storyboard consistently crafts video content that resonates, captivates, and consistently exceeds expectations.


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