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Michael Cunningham

Director, Video Production Services

Michael brings a robust background in narrative storytelling. He has contributed to award-winning short films and worked in the editorial departments of feature films distributed by industry heavyweights like Lionsgate and Saban Films. His experience spans collaborations with CBC, HBC, The Melanoma Network of Canada, The Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund, and more.


In his capacity as the Director at Storyboard Communications, a pioneering company dedicated to creating captivating, compelling, and unforgettable video content for businesses worldwide, Michael plays a pivotal role. Distinguished as the first e-commerce platform to deliver broadcast-quality videos within days, our mission is anchored in recognizing the challenge of capturing audiences. To this end, we empower clients with distinctive narratives that come to life through our creative endeavors.


Michael's dedication to excellence, ingenuity, and innovation remains unwavering, evident in every project he undertakes. Cultivating authentic client relationships lies at the heart of our philosophy. Through prioritizing a deep comprehension of each client's aspirations and needs, we deliver content that propels them toward success.


Drawing on Michael's extensive and diverse experience, he embraces a collaborative approach at Storyboard that seamlessly merges client needs with a distinct artistic flair. By ensuring a harmonious alignment between these two critical facets, Michael ensures that each project not only meets expectations but consistently achieves resounding success.


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