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Randy Frisch, Uberflip

"Their team ramped up so quickly with limited direction. They aligned their approach to our brand, and literally brought the cool factor of our designs to life with motion."

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Danièle Spethmann, Warrior Gold

"The video-making process was seamless and efficient. I couldn't recommend a better group to work with."

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Adam DeRosa, Impello Biosciences

"The entire Storyboard team was highly responsive, and they produced a really impactful short video for our company."

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Alan Bryce, Passages Relocation

"Storyboard's team was so dedicated to making sure the job was done right... making changes on the fly and doing whatever it took to make me happy."

About Storyboard

Storyboard Communications is revolutionizing how companies share their unique message to tell stories through videos and website engagement.

Storyboard Studios is the first ever e-commerce platform that makes ordering, editing, and receiving video content simple, fast, fun, and affordable. Storyboard Studios evolved from our clients’ increasing need for engaging video content, produced to the highest of standards to fit their corporate identity.

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Storyboard Access, our proprietary video hosting platform, is redefining the video website experience allowing users to watch ad-free content seamlessly on a company’s corporate page. Clients can control, organize, and display all their videos in one clean, easy to use interface integrated seamlessly into their existing website.

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At the core of Storyboard is a team of dynamic individuals with a passion for storytelling and helping companies share their story with stakeholders, prospects, and customers in the most effective way possible. In 2021, Storyboard launched Superheroes, a charitable program that was birthed by our desire to help community partners - charities, artists, and family businesses - share in the rewards of video content. Our team carefully selects recipients based on the principles of community impact, diversity, and integrity.

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