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Investors are an important factor in your company's growth and success. That is why fostering and maintaining strong, transparent, and productive relationships with your stakeholders is so important.

Storyboard provides high-quality investor relations and communications services for small to mid-cap companies in all sectors. We use a unique approach through an innovative methodology, enhanced by data analytics technology. This ground-breaking approach allows our clients to run more efficient investor relations programs in the most cost-effective way possible.



Our highly-experienced leadership team has a proven track record of establishing capital market connections to expand your investor base. They support a group of dynamic individuals with a passion for investor relations and corporate communications.

Our dedicated investor relations advisors bring years of experience, fresh ideas and pride to their work. We work hard to build new relationships and make existing ones even stronger.

Advisory Board

Storyboard benefits from an Advisory Board comprised of influential experts who have agreed to give our business meaningful assistance on a regular basis in a variety of areas including strategy, organizational development, and outreach.



Our innovative Storyboard Methodology, enhanced by data analytics technology, allows our clients to run an impactful investor relations program in the most cost-effective way possible.


Through our unique four-step process, we gain an in-depth understanding to develop key messaging and optimize communication strategies. This enables our clients to differentiate themselves to investors and stakeholders, positioning their company for long-term success.



We deliver high quality investor relations and communication services to tell your story, build your business, and achieve your goals in the increasingly sophisticated capital markets.

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Storyboard is committed to working with a variety of partners to provide services for our clients, and we are proud to be a trusted provider of The Canadian Securities Exchange.

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