Investor Relations Advisors

Jeff Pritchard BA

VP, Investor Relations Advisory

Throughout his over twenty year career in the mining industry, Jeff has been skilled at developing and maintaining strong relationships with large private and institutional investors in the United States, Canada and Europe. He has also cultivated a multitude of connections with mining analysts and executive teams. He has successfully led multiple equity raising efforts as well as a project financing. He has experience in creating press releases, corporate presentations, video production, organizing road shows, conferences and shareholder events.


During his time at Capital Gold Corporation, Jeff was instrumental in listing the company's shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange, as well as their subsequent movement from the NASDAQ Bulletin Board to a listing on NYSE/American, along with the associated reverse stock split. He led the rebranding/image revitalization of the company from a failed project in Colorado to its development as an explorer, developer and ultimately a gold producer in Mexico.


He was recruited by senior management at Argonaut Gold to help develop a comprehensive Investor Relations program for the start-up company. Another responsibility was to train and mentor a junior IR professional to eventually become the full time investor relations director. While at Argonaut, the company's market cap rose from an initial valuation of $150 million to over one billion dollars.

Jeff brings a senior management perspective to Storyboard. He was one of the co-founders of Capital Gold Corporation, and served on the Board of Directors for ten years, giving him the ability to see things from the "30,000 foot" level.

Jeff is adept at creating new investor relations departments and helping them rapidly grow and evolve. Experienced at helping start-ups, pre IPO and  publicly traded companies to successfully navigate highly volatile business challenges in rapidly changing markets.


Earlier in his career, Jeff served as Director of Sales for the New York Islanders and director of Marketing for the New Jersey Devils.


Jeff earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.


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