Brittany Stone BComm

Manager, Business Development

With an eye for optimization and governance, Brittany Stone provides a resourceful, targeted, and organized approach to developing corporate strategy. She is talented at deriving meaningful insights hidden within facts and figures and developing sound strategy and is a business development professional with a strong background in quantitative analysis.


Brittany brings a specialized approach to synthesizing complex market, industry, and company data to enhance Storyboard's business development function by utilizing unique research methods and automation. She enjoys assessing business strategies and conducting sector analysis to better understand the trends in investor relations strategies and develop models to identify opportunities for investor relations advisory services.


She also enjoys developing aspirational future state capabilities, including data mining techniques, AI, to incorporate forward-looking view to identifying potential clients and optimizing Storyboard's ability to target potential clients. In her role, she facilitates Storyboard's projects, accelerates new growth and innovation, and enhances

Storyboard's brand value and innovative culture to help ensure success for company initiatives. 

Before joining Storyboard, Brittany developed successful sales and marketing initiatives for marketing and financial services companies where she developed programs that analyzed lead quality and optimized outreach. 


Brittany is passionate about data's ability to tell intricate stories. She brings to Storyboard her ability to share findings from complex sets of data in a way that is not only informative and actionable but engaging — her ability to derive compelling insights powers Storyboard's business development function.  


Brittany earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics and Management Science from Ted Rogers School of Management, where she specialized in data governance. She was also involved in research projects about corporate social responsibility and business ethics. 


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