Investor Relations Advisors

Brent Somerville BA

VP, Investor Relations Advisory

Brent’s 25 years of international sales and management experience in Asia, Europe and North America, have given him a deep understanding of capital markets, investor relations, and building businesses. 


While working for Thomson Reuters in Asia, and IHS Markit in North America, Brent focused on delivering investment solutions to buy and sell side analysts and fund managers. Brent has also been able to start and build successful companies in Europe and Canada, by providing operational insights, expertise, and a global network that clients may leverage for success. 

Brent has served on the board of directors for both private and public companies in Canada and the US, and most recently worked with Gravitas Financial in Toronto. Brent brings his extensive institutional investor experience to the Storyboard team. 

Brent earned his BA degree in Finance and Economics from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.


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